Flower Market_3
Pak Klong Talat, Flower Market

Visiting Pak Klong Talat, Bangkok’s biggest flower market, is now more convenient and fun. You can take the Chao Phraya Express boat, get off at Pak Klong Talat Pier, explore the flower and vegetable market and enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious cake in a riverside cafe with a view of the city’s historical sites.

Known as the biggest flower market in Bangkok, Pak Klong Talat has been been serving local people since the 18th century. It sat in the area where small canals met the Chao Phraya river. That is how it got the name ‘Pak Klong Talat’, which means ‘market at the gateway of canals’. In the past, vendors from small towns outside Bangkok met here to sell fish. Later, King Rama V (1869-1910) moved the fish market to another area. That is when the trading of fresh produce was introduced here.

Despite being promoted as a tourist attraction, Pak Klong Talat is, indeed, not touristy. It is a place where you can really watch a way of life of local people. The market is open 24 hours and even busier at night, especially before dawn. Besides the flower market, Thais come here to buy fruits and vegetables. The area is divided into 4 markets. Yodpiman, where the Pak Klong Talat pier is located, is a flower market. The rest offer a variety of agricultural produce.

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Pak Klong Talat Market_1
Spice market at Pak Klong Talat, Bangkok

A part of Yodpiman market was recently developed into a riverwalk community mall and a boat pier. It is now easier to walk to the flower market through the pier. Built in colonial architecture, the mall also boasts Thai and international restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, a bank and boutiques. The second floor of the mall has a long deck with a view of Memorial Bridge, Santa Cruz Church, Kalayanamit Temple and Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawns).

Yodpiman pier
Pak Klong Talat boat pier
Yodpiman riverwalk community mall_1
Yodpiman Riverwalk Community Mall, Pak Klong Talat

Yodpiman riverwalk community mall_2

Thai ice tea and Roti
Thai ice tea and Roti
Wat Arun, Memorial Bridge, Santa Cruz church
From left: Wat Arun, Memorial Bridge, Santa Cruz Church

Getting to Pak Klong Talat

Even though Pak Klong Talat is accessible by bus and taxi, it is more convenient for tourists take a boat from Sathon pier.

Take a BTS sky train and get off at Taksin station, which is connected to Sathon pier. Then, take the Chao Phraya Express Boat (orange flag or blue flag boats) to Pak Klong Talat pier.