Roti_Ayutthaya_Mekhala_cruise_4The Sweet roti

Generally, Thais call most kinds of Indian flat bread as roti. Some are savoury and some are sweets. The sweet roti is a popular street snack you can find anywhere in Thailand. It is made of wheat flour dough fried on a flat pan. The classic one is drizzled with condensed milk and sugar. It’s eaten as a hot snack. This type of roti comes in different varieties such as crispy roti and soft roti with different stuffing (e.g. banana, chocolate, cashew nuts, raisin, chili paste and jams).

A woman is making a sweet roti with a variety of stuffing in glass jars

Another type of roti that is equally popular is roti with cotton candy. Locally known as Roti Samai, the wheat flour dough is fried without oil on a flat pan. The roti bread is soft and thin. People eat it by wrapping the roti around cotton candy. This type of roti is a signature snack of Ayutthaya and well liked by children.

A famous cotton candy roti in Ayutthaya city
Making a roti bread
Roti_Pathum Thani_market_Mekhala_cruise_1
Roti vendor at Pathum Thani market where the Mekhala cruise stops for a visit
Roti_Pathum Thani_market_Mekhala_cruise_2
Crispy roti